Wave ASSistant App

You are in control of your WAVE 1 device with the WAVE Assistant App. Download this free software for your PC or Mac today.

Minimum Requirements:
PC Windows 7 or higher,
MAC OS 10.11.6 or higher.

Perfect Partners

WAVE 1 & The WAVE Assistant App

The WAVE 1 and WAVE Assistant App work together to support your wellness journey.

Follow these steps to maximize your benefits.

  • Activate:

      • Connect your your WAVE 1 to your computer.

      • Connect to the Wave Assistant App.

      • Activation gives you access to critical frequencies and frequency updates.

  • Register:

      • Name and e-mail address

      • FREmedica customers get full support on best use of the App features and tools.

      • The icon on the App main screen accesses the FREmedica Educational Portal with information about your device, experience, and App interface.

  • Battery Maintenance:

      • Charge after every use

      • Wall charger and USB cable provided

      • Red Indicator light (low battery)

      • Green Indicator light (charging)

  • Listen to your body. Customize your intensity levels on a regular basis to maximize results.

FREmedica Customers

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